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About Southern Sweets Bakery


Perfect Ingredients & Simple Preparation

Southern Sweets Bakery got its humble start in 1992 when a friend of Nancy Cole encouraged her to talk to the general manager of an established Atlanta steakhouse looking for a source for apple and pecan pies for their restaurant. She took this encouragement and was soon baking pies and cakes for this premiere steakhouse along with many of Atlanta's top restaurants and hotels. The wholesale experience sprouted an idea to open a retail store in the little Decatur warehouse district where Nancy was already baking for her wholesale clients. Shortly after offering these treats directly to the public a lunch menu was introduced and later the hours were extended into the morning for serving breakfast to their customers. Today we are proud of our history as many of those same restaurants and hotels continue to have our delightful desserts on their menus.

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Our Staff
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    Nancy Cole grew up in a house full of family and as she watched her grandma prepare baked goods for them, she observed and learned many of the secrets used in the bakery today. When Nancy was old enough she began assisting in the kitchen whenever she was allowed. With her own family she baked desserts and breads for the people of her neighborhood. In 1991 Nancy opened Southern Sweets Bakery and ran day to day operations with the assistance of her team of department managers and their staff. Nancy prided herself in her family approach to the business and acknowledges this has been a key ingredient to the bakery’s success over the years. Her passion for food shines as every meal and treat served are filled with more than just ingredients. They have this passion for flavors which Nancy meticulously cultivated since opening her doors in 1992. In 2015, Nancy passed away after a long battle with breast cancer. The bakery family which includes several family members continue her legacy and provide the community with wonderful yummy desserts.
    In memory of Nancy Cole - 1951-2015

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    Southern Sweets Bakery is proud to have the talents of Trish Robinson at the Bakery. She studied at the Art Institute of Atlanta and obtained her associates degree in culinary arts. Trish started with Southern Sweets Bakery in 2004 and has spent the years since soaking in those bakery secrets under the guidance of owner Nancy Cole. She is a crucial part of the staff as she shares a true passion for the bakery. Starting out as a cook, Trish has proven her value to the bakery time and time again.

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    Before stopping by, prepare yourself to be greeted by our smile management team as you cross the threshold into the cafe. This group prides themselves in their dedication to welcoming you with a smile, their accuracy in getting you what you want and their prompt attention to detail as they cut the perfect slice of cake. Whether you have stopped in for breakfast, lunch or a bakery delight, let Sanja and her team know what you are craving and they will be at your service.

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    Southern Sweets Bakery has scoured the Atlanta metro area in search of the best cooks to prepare your breakfast and lunch desires. We pride ourselves in serving food with more passion then you will find anywhere else. Our cooks go to great lengths to make sure the ingredients used are fresh and the quality of your meal is on point.

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    Behind the scenes, Southern Sweets Bakery employees a fantastic team of talented bakers. Whether it is coming together to create a new gluten free treat for the ever expanding menu or putting together one of our tried and true pies and cakes, our baking staff are precise and dependable in getting the ingredients just right so your next bakery purchase meets your expectations of us.

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    Talented is the best word to describe Ashley and her fellow decorators. Whether it is simply adding words to one of our award winning cakes for a birthday celebration or piping the delicate details to your wedding cake. The decorators will go to any length to make sure your cake from Southern Sweets Bakery is exactly how you envisioned it for that special occasion.